The Center for Media Innovation + Research utilizes advanced digital technology to train the College’s students in creating content for all media.  Journalism and telecommunication students primarily work in a convergent setting in CMIR’s 21st Century News Laboratory, while public relations, advertising and public interest communications develop successful campaigns and programs in AHA! The Innovation CoLab.

21st Century News Laboratory

The 21st Century News Laboratory, which opened in September of 2010, includes a 1,200 square foot production studio, complete with professional lighting and a large multi-display video wall.  Adjacent to the newsroom is a conference room and sound studio.

AHA! The Innovation CoLab

AHA!, which opened for students and faculty in March 2012, is primarily for students in public relations, advertising, public interest communications and telecommunication production.  The Suite allows these students to hone their skills in digital technology and develop campaigns and programs across multiple media platforms.

The Suite provides an area for students and faculty to explore emergent technologies and connectivity and provides a space for students from advertising and public relations to work more closely together.  It consists of an open “Collaborative Café” surrounded by four high-tech breakout suites where teams of students work collaboratively to develop their ideas.